Have you heard the phrase, “Yas Queen”? (If not, I recommend that you check out this highly informative article.) One of our customers recently added “Yas Queen” to their texting program as a synonym for “yes.”

Signal Vine’s platform uses natural language processing to understand students’ text messages and send an appropriate response. However, students don’t always respond the way you expect them to.

That’s where synonyms come in handy. Many of our customers add common synonyms for “yes,” “no,” and other keywords to make sure they’re automatically responding to as many student text messages as possible. For example, common synonyms students use for “yes” include “yeah,” “yep,” “ya,” “yup,” and “sure.” Customers frequently update their synonym lists as they become more familiar with how their students communicate. Even “Yas Queen” can be spelled different ways (according to Second City, the East Coast says “Yas Kween”).

Synonyms aren’t limited to only “yes” and “no” responses. They’re also helpful when you’re sending students a text message and planning to save students’ responses for future use. For example, let’s look at college abbreviations:

You: “Hi Josh! What university will you be attending in the fall?”

Student: “UVA”

You: “That’s awesome – congrats on getting into UVA!”

Your student, Josh, could’ve responded to your question with UVA, University of Virginia, Virginia, or some other common name. By adding all of these options as synonyms, you can quickly and easily save Josh’s response and use it to send him future messages that are relevant to UVA. Didn’t catch all of the synonyms? The platform will flag those messages for you so you can respond to students one-on-one.

Anticipating responses ahead of time saves your staff a lot of time. Why manually respond to every single message when the platform can do it for you?

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