Summer Search recently wrote a blog post on their website about their texting pilot program  on their website. Check it out!

Summer Search uses Signal Vine’s text messaging platform to help Bay Area students take timely action on important program milestones. Students receive personalized text messages that help them complete tasks such as registering for the SAT, completing the FAFSA, and submitting a housing deposit.

Summer Search has measured response rates as high as 88%. Students say that the text messages remind them to take action.

Summer Search reached out to Dr. Ben Castleman about his research involving texting. According to Dr. Castleman, he and his colleagues “consistently find that using text messaging to help students navigate complex decisions at critical junctures in their postsecondary trajectories can generate substantial improvements in college access and success—whether it’s reducing summer melt, accessing financial aid for the first time, or renewing aid once students are in college.”

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About the author: Paige is the Marketing Associate at Signal Vine. Find her on LinkedIn here!