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Engage your audience where they operate most

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The most impactful platform in the industry

See how the Signal Vine text messaging platform can help you better engage with your audience so that you can meet your goals.

Connect student data

Connect student data

Integrate your CRM or SIS data so that you can segment and personalize your message to ensure the timing and messages are relevant to your students. Signal Vine is preferred partner of Ellucian and Salesforce and can be found on the App Exchange.

Create personalized messages

Create personalized messages

Limit opt-outs and improve response rate by building targeted messages, integrated with student data. Significantly, these messages feel personalized to the individual.

Schedule and manage your calendar of messages

Schedule and manage your calendar of messages

Use the message calendar to coordinate campaigns and avoid sending students too many messages at one time.

Automate messages and responses

Automate messages and responses

Manage your workload by scheduling and automating responses to common student questions and replies with our virtual advisor.

Analyze student response and engagement

Analyze student response and engagement

Use the analytics feature to measure the success of your programs.

Key features

From engaging prospects to retaining students, see how our two-way messaging platform will help you meet your enrollment goals without adding to your workload.

Rich Messaging

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Uniquely, you can send text, images, video, and links - use whatever you need to get your message out.

Virtual Advisor

Take control of your workload and enable the AI-powered virtual advisor to reply to frequently asked student questions. Additionally, you determine when an automated reply is sent - and when you want to respond personally.

Response Sorting

Our Message Inbox automatically sorts incoming texts from students so you know which ones need your attention. With this in mind, you will spend your time guiding students who need help, not browsing through messages that don't need a response.

Contact Management

Determine what data you want to use with your contacts, how you want it structured and how it's best incorporated with your CRM or SIS. With this in mind, we can customize your contact views to fit your needs.

Progressive Profiling

If there is something you don't know about your students, ask them, and save their response back to their contact record.

Reporting and Analytics

Track student engagement, response rate, and overall effectiveness of your campaigns. Because of this, there's no guessing whether your messages are having an impact.

Communicating effectively with your campus communities is of paramount importance right now

If you’d like to learn how Signal Vine can help, please join us for a demo.