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Learn about the powerful features that will help you improve student outcomes and engagement rates. Use the platform to effectively communicate with your students at scale.

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Back and Forth text messaging platform

Highly Targeted Messaging

Use student data to personalize text messages and target relevant groups and individuals. 
checkmark-300x300 Send and receive unlimited SMS and MMS messages (text, photos, videos, GIFs, PDF) without incurring message fees
checkmark-300x300 Target messages to students based on selected filters (GPA, FAFSA status, major, etc.)
checkmark-300x300 Personalize messages easily and automatically using student data

Intuitive Interface

Manage text responses in a user-friendly inbox that’s accessible online and on-the-go.
checkmark-300x300 Text students from your computer or mobile app
checkmark-300x300 Search and filter students based on one or more characteristics
checkmark-300x300 Save student and message search filters for future use
Participant overview text messaging platform

Flexible Case Management

Group students by any characteristic and set staff permissions for security and oversight.
checkmark-300x300 Create custom caseloads for staff users
checkmark-300x300 Forward calls to the appropriate office or staff phone number
checkmark-300x300 Securely access the platform with single sign-on (SSO) support

Blended Messaging™

Automate messages to save staff time or send one-on-one messages to address specific student needs.
checkmark-300x300 Pre-program messages into your message calendar for scheduled automation
checkmark-300x300 Create automated responses and message pathways
checkmark-300x300 Respond one-on-one to students through the platform
Calendar of messages text messaging platform
Dashboard reporting text messaging platform

Reporting and Analytics

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your texting program through powerful dashboard reporting.
checkmark-300x300 Measure student engagement and message response rates
checkmark-300x300 Oversee staff activity on the platform
checkmark-300x300 Easily download reports and analytics

Compliance and Privacy

Ensure privacy and security with 100% FERPA and FCC compliance.
checkmark-300x300 Message students in a secure, encrypted platform trusted by the U.S. Department of Education
checkmark-300x300 Assign custom staff permissions and track activity on the platform
checkmark-300x300 Automatically opt students out of receiving messages they don’t want
Student inbox text messaging platform

Services and Support

Optimize your program with guidance from our knowledgeable Customer Success team.
checkmark-300x300 Partner with your Customer Service Rep to apply best practices to your texting program
checkmark-300x300 Learn from personalized trainings that include example messages and templates
checkmark-300x300 Become a “textpert” through exclusive tutorials, videos and how-to guides

Easy Integration

Spend less time doing manual data pulls with direct, two-way integrations with your information systems.
checkmark-300x300 Seamlessly combine text messaging with your CRM or SIS through certified integration options
checkmark-300x300 Use your existing student information for message personalization and targeting
checkmark-300x300 Automatically log conversation history back into your primary information system
text messaging platform integration partners
text messaging platform

Case Studies and Outcomes

See how our customers achieve texting success.
checkmark-300x300 Read case studies that are relevant to your program
checkmark-300x300 Learn new ways to engage students through text messaging
checkmark-300x300 Connect with other organizations to share texting tips and tricks

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