Blended Messaging

One of Signal Vine's unique functions is the ability to send scheduled mass messages, have one-on-one conversations, and to set up automated replies based on machine logic - all in one conversation thread. There's even a word for this: blended messaging.



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Breaking Down Blended Messaging

How does blended messaging work?

There are four key elements. The circles overlap because these elements work together to power your text messages and ensure that students receive the right support, at the right time.

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Scale your texting program by planning ahead.

Automated messages save time and reach more students. See your organization’s pre-planned texts for easy management and division of work.



Use student information from your database (like first name, major, application status) to target automated messages and make them feel personal.


One-on-one interactions.

Quickly identify students who need additional guidance – they tend to be the ones who text back with questions or concerns.

Automated Responses and Message Pathways

 Easily and automatically send out replies based on what a student says.
The platform can recognize synonyms and answer a student, instantly – and it never seems like a robot is replying.
The Signal Vine phrase for this is “message branching.” No other platform has this level of sophistication.


checkmark-300x300 Pre-program messages into your Signal Vine calendar.
checkmark-300x300 These messages can be sent to different groups of students (automatically, no need to upload a list!) based on their attributes.
checkmark-300x300 Include personalization for maximum results.

One-on-One Interaction

 Receive and send messages to students in your inbox – simply click on the student’s name or conversation stream to access or initiate a one-on-one conversation.
Text students instantly through the platform.
Or, schedule an on the fly message to go out at a later day or time.

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