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5 Things Beginners Should Know About Texting Students

by Katie Flood | April 4, 2017
5 Things Beginners Should Know About Texting Students

If you're new to texting students, you may not know where to begin. Katie Flood, a Customer Success Associate at Signal Vine, shares her top five things you need to know when you first get started texting.

1. Know Your Goals

Why are you texting your students? What outcomes do you want to achieve? Any big events coming up? Plan your messages around your and your students’ needs. Think about the information you want all of your students to know and when they need to know it. Setting clear goals and deadlines is the best way to start a messaging campaign, and it makes it easier later on when you need to measure return on investment for your boss.

2. Know How to Personalize

Think adding students' first names to text messages is enough personalization? Think again! The personalized a message is, the more likely a student is to read it and respond. Pro tip: personalization isn't limited to personalizing "mail-merge" fields. It also includes targeting your messages to relevant students and sharing relevant content.

3. Know Your Schedule

You want to send messages when students are more likely to read them, but don't forget about your own schedule. Most students respond within minutes of getting a text message from you, so you need to be prepared to promptly answer their questions. Schedule text messages at times that work for you, set a calendar reminder for yourself, and then respond away.

4. Know Your Resources

Ever spent time reading tips on Signal Vine's blog? We regularly share new best practices to help you make the most of your texting program. Spend some time on the blog and check out new content to stay up-to-date on the latest texting tricks.

5. Know Where to Get Help

Texting takes teamwork. More questions on best practices? Check out our common questions. Need new ideas? Ask our Customer Success Team!


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