Improving Guided Pathways with texting, automation, and AI


The Guided Pathways Model

Many colleges and universities have implemented the Guided Pathways model either in part or campus-wide. Guided Pathways provide students with a streamlined, structured, and specific path to earning their desired postsecondary credential.

The American Association of Community Colleges defines the model as an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success based on intentionally designed, clear, coherent and structured educational experiences, informed by available evidence, that guide each student effectively and efficiently from her/his point of entry through to attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials and careers with value in the labor market.

Improving Guided Pathways at your institution

With more and more of these colleges using the Guided Pathways model to help enhance student success, there is an increased need for a solution to improve both the staff and student experience.

In the “Texting, Automation, and AI Can Improve Guided Pathways” webinar, Signal Vine’s CEO, Brian Kathman, and Signal Vine’s partners Dr. Jacqueline S. Taylor and Dr. Nikita L. Ashford-Ashworth from Southwest Tennessee Community College explain how technology can be used to improve retention and enrollment.

Southwest Tennessee Community College has been a Signal Vine customer since 2018, and in that short amount of time, college staff have increased enrollment numbers and retention to 80% for Tennessee Promise and Reconnect students.

Watch the webinar recording to learn the following:

  1. An overview of the Guided Pathways model and its demands on higher ed staff
  2. The benefits of using nudge technology and Blended Messaging® to help ease and enhance student communication
  3. How Southwest Tennessee Community College uses automation, AI, and texting to keep their Guided Pathways students on the path to success throughout their entire academic journey
  4. Specific communication touchpoints that Southwest Tennessee Community College uses to keep its students on their Guided Pathways

To learn more about improving Guided Pathways through Automation, AI, and texting, download our Guided Pathways ebook.