Congratulations on making it through another admissions cycle! Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and… start planning for the next admissions cycle. Now that you’re adding texting to your outreach strategy, there are a few things you should be thinking about at different stages in the funnel.

Texting Prospects and Inquiries

Students aren’t reading the hundreds of postcards and letters they receive from colleges around the country. Many of them go straight into the recycling bin. Texting students when they’re still prospects is your chance to make your institution stand out from the crowd. While you have their attention, improve your application rate by directing students to your application page and other resources.

Do: Inform students about upcoming recruitment events in their area, send personalized information related to students’ interests and activities, and answer questions they might have about the school or the application process.

Don’t: Keep texting students if they’re no longer interested in your institution. Respect prospects’ decision to opt out of receiving text messages. Not only does this ensure you won’t annoy them, it’s also required by the FCC.

Texting Applicants

Applying to colleges is a deeply personal experience in which students are asked to share intimate details of their lives with mysterious admissions counselors. You’re asking students to share a lot of personal information, so it’s only fair that you do the same. Text messaging is a great way to foster those personal connections and get students excited about your school. Keep your school on the top of students’ minds by opening up a personal, two-way communication channel that they’ll actually read and respond to.

Do: Check out our Do’s and Don’ts of Texting Applicants.

Don’t: Ignore our Do’s and Don’ts of Texting Applicants.

Texting Admitted Students

Many students choose a college based on how they feel about it – it’s all about the gut instinct. With admission yields on the decline, texting admitted students is a golden opportunity to create personal relationships with students. Students start to imagine themselves as students on your campus, and you start to see rising enrollment and more tuition dollars headed your way.

Do: Connect admitted students with current students or peer mentors, guide them through the financial aid process to make your college an affordable option, invite admitted students to events on campus and in their area, and remind them of upcoming enrollment and deposit deadlines.

Don’t: Forget to update student information before sending out a text message. Avoid the awkward possibility of sending a congratulatory text to a student who has not been admitted by integrating text messaging with your department’s CRM or SIS.

Admissions texting can get complicated with so many students in so many stages, but these tips & tricks will help your team text the right students the right information at the right time. Happy texting!

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