How to Engage With Your Alumni Effectively


Young alumni giving and engagement

Engaging alumni early in their careers, shortly after graduation, when they are most likely to feel connected to their new alma mater, is extremely important. Texting to communicate with alumni is an effective method of outreach.

This webinar features our collection of text examples and best practices for you to use when communicating with your alumni. Originally published in Nudging Students Through the Academic Life Cycle ebook.

Texting to communicate with alumni

In this last session of Nudging Students Through The Academic Life Cycle Summit, Sarah Webb, Assistant Director, Annual Programs-Young Alumni Engagement from Pitt shares how their team was able to improve alumni engagement through texting.

The team at Pitt wanted a communication channel that recent graduates would be likely to respond to. They also would use this channel as the primary driver of engagement and annual giving. They knew that channels like email and phone calls are not the preferred method of communication for this population. Ultimately, Pitt chose texting to communicate with alumni.

Using Signal Vine, Pitt saw low opt-out rates and strong engagement rates. On average, they received $46.39 in donation amounts, resulting in a 13X improvement in yield from previous email efforts.

A few of the most notable alumni responses included the following:

“Hi Sarah, I love this new texting fundraising! Much better for connect than by phone for our generation. ☺” -2010 Pitt Alumni

“I also donated a little $$, just what I could at the moment, because of your outreach efforts. Hail to Pitt!” –2007 Pitt Alumni

“Oh hi, Sarah for sure! How can I give today?” –2012 Pitt Alumni

Texting to communicate with alumni is an effective outreach method that works. Watch the webinar and see how you can use texting to communicate with your alumni and achieve results similar to Pitt’s.

To learn more about Pitt’s program with Signal Vine, read their case study.