With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re starting to think about everything we’re thankful for. This year, we’re extra thankful for Turkey Day potatoes, pumpkin pies, and Pell Grants.

This week, NCAN is reminding everyone to voice why we’re #Thankful4Pell. In the last academic year, 33% of all undergraduate students received a Pell Grant – that’s 7.6 million students. Without this grant, many students wouldn’t be able to attain postsecondary degrees. Pell Grants may be on the smaller side, but they make a huge impact on students’ likelihood of persisting through college. It’s important for us to sit back and reflect on why we’re all #Thankful4Pell.

Grant money is out there, but many students don’t know how to take advantage of this aid. NerdWallet reported that the graduating high school class of 2017 left $2.3 billion in federal grant money unclaimed this year because many students didn’t complete the FAFSA. Approximately 1.2 million high school graduates this year didn’t submit the FAFSA, and of these students, half were eligible to receive Pell Grant money. Filing the FAFSA can be complicated and confusing. In many cases, simply having a counselor who is a quick text message away can make all the difference. Many institutions today are texting students to remind them to complete the FAFSA and offer a helping hand along the way. This Thanksgiving, it’s important for us to be #Thankful4Pell and thankful for those who are nudging their students to complete the FAFSA, get grant money, and attain a college degree.

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