Corine Gonzales at the University of New Mexico shares details about UNM’s texting program with first-year students.

Why did University of New Mexico decide on texting?

Staff at UNM realized that they weren’t getting good response rates from the many phone calls and emails they were sending. Corine’s team decided to send personalized, data-driven text messages as part of their strategic communication plan.

What types of texts are you sending to students at UNM?

To support retention initiatives, first-year students at UNM receive text messages to remind them of important deadlines.

Signal Vine has great customer service. Two-way texting has been so valuable. Also – our customer success rep’s recommendations on text content have helped so much. The platform itself is very user friendly.

Corine Gonzales, Strategic Support Manager

Program Results:

Student feedback has been very positive. More than 60% of students in the program engage with staff via text. Students report being appreciative of the reminders and information sent via text.

The message with the highest response rate (57%!) asked students how they were doing on a scale of 1 to 3 – further evidence that texting is a great way to check in with students on their progress and identify pain points before they become bigger problems.

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Corine Gonzales is a Strategic Support Manager for the Division of Enrollment Management at the University of New Mexico. In this role, she works on retention initiatives for first-time freshman. She has been with the university for 18 years, serving in a variety of capacities including Student Recruiter, Associate Director of Admissions, and Director of New Student Orientation. She serves on several campus committees and task forces that address enrollment management, retention, graduation rates, and first-year experience.