The Urban Assembly is a nonprofit organization that empowers underserved youth by providing them with the skills necessary for postsecondary success. The Urban Assembly texts all of their high school graduates who are mostly low-income, first-generation students of color.

The Urban Assembly wanted a cost-effective, scalable way to support its 1,000 high school graduates each year. Staff knew that text messaging was the solution and moved forward with Signal Vine in 2016.

Stephanie Fiorelli, the Postsecondary Success Manager at The Urban Assembly, says, “Texting lets an organization like ours – one that graduates 1,000 kids per year- scale our postsecondary support, and Signal Vine’s allowances for emojis and GIFs enable a more personalized support that engages millennials in very real ways.”

Read The Urban Assembly’s case study¬†and read real text messages from students!

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