[Webinar 1/3] Building Your Fall 2020 COVID Communications Plan: Assessment and Planning


Part 1 of our webinar series guiding you step-by-step through building your fall communications plan

Whether your campus will return in the fall for in-person instruction, continue to offer virtual instruction, or offer some combination of the two, there is one major task at hand that will be critical to success: communications planning.

Keeping students informed and driving them to take action when necessary will help ensure a safe transition in the fall, and it will help keep students engaged and persistent towards achieving their academic goals.

During this webinar series, we’ll guide you step-by-step through building your fall communications plan. In this first webinar, we discuss assessing your current communications infrastructure and processes to begin strategizing your plan for the fall.

To grab the resources referenced during the webinar, click here. To download this webinar’s slide deck, click here.