[Webinar] Career Development as an Engagement Catalyst


Learn how to use career development as a catalyst to engage and drive your students and alumni to action

career development as an engagement catalystCommunicating with students and alumni is nuanced. This webinar is focused on using career development as a catalyst to engage with your desired audience and continue to deepen your relationships.

In this webinar, Arlene Hill, a Career Development Consultant and Strengths Coach, will address how to maximize career development efforts. After watching the recording, you will walk away with ideas for programming and messaging to compel your students and alumni to action.

The 7 main points of discussion throughout the webinar include the following:

  1. Plan first
  2. Segment & personalize
  3. Commit to cross-departmental collaborations
  4. Consider other data points
  5. Re-think goals
  6. Re-allocate resources
  7. Iterate

To download this webinar’s slide deck, click here.