[Webinar] College Students' Perspectives in the COVID-19 World: Fall 2020 Follow-Up


What are students thinking right now?

So much has happened since we last heard from our panel of current college students in April. Then, they were managing abrupt moves off campus, transitions to online learning, adjusting summer plans, and trying to navigate the COVID-19 world.

After hopes of coming back for a “normal” fall, many institutions have pivoted in the last few weeks to versions of hybrid or fully online instruction, and today’s students have once again demonstrated their resiliency and flexibility as they adjust to the new plans.

View the webinar recording to hear from our panel of college students across the country. What are they thinking about? How have their plans changed? How are they rethinking their options, and what do they want and need from their institutions to help keep them on track towards achieving their academic goals?

To view the webinar recording of a similar discussion we had with high school students in April, click here. To download this webinar’s slide deck, click here.