[Webinar] Gen Z's Jam: Should I Stay or Should I Go? How 'Bout Both??


Listen to our conversation on how to engage with students for them to retain and persist in their post high school graduation life-long learning.

Watch the webinar recording for a conversation about how education is positioned results in students moving from an “education OR” conversation to an “education AND” conversation. Through postsecondary transition support as well as day-to-day messaging, we can help Gen Z see that it is not about this or that — it is about how both overlap..

37.5 million people have left college with some credits and no credential. Every semester millions more review pathways in front of them and ask: should I stay or should I go?

This webinar explores how an outdated, “either / or” mode of thinking ignores the dynamism of the 21st century. Given so many twists and turns, how can we help K12 students see the world for what it really is: a place that no longer requires you to choose between two pathways.

Click here to download the webinar’s slide deck.