Employee Text Messaging & Workforce Development System

Reconnect unemployed to job training

Create timely and personalized texts to improve engagement rates of applicants and ensure they're getting the right up-skilling.

Target the applicants who need mentoring

From resume building to interview practice, there are a lot of moments where it's easy for applicants to get discouraged and give up. Use texts to nudge these applicants throughout the job search.

Support employed workers to persist in their careers

Follow up on current internships, interviews and career development opportunities to see how workers are doing and motivate those who may be at risk for unemployment.

Workforce development texting examples

Let applicants know about opportunities to perfect their resumes, LinkedIn profiles or cover letters. Send them best practices and tips along the way to keep them engaged and encouraged.

Keep potential workers in the know about current opportunities to work on their professional development. Whether it's workshops on interview prep or tips on how to reach out for informational interviews, it's important to keep applicants as informed as possible.

Send interviewees friendly reminders about interviews they have coming up, and give them some last words of encouragement. This is a great way to keep their spirits up and answer any last-minute questions they may have.

Hey Sam! Are you free to stop by the Writing Center today between 4 and 6pm to work on your resume?
Yup - can we work on my cover letter also?
Yes, that would be great! Make sure to bring current copies of both your resume and cover letter.
Got it. Thank you!
Hey Sarah. We're having a workshop in the Career Center this Saturday at 2pm about informational interviews and job shadowing. Can you make it?
Yes - that would be great. I want to start reaching out to professionals in the hotel industry for informational interviews.
That's awesome! We'll definitely go over best practices for informational interviews, and we can find some time to look for networking events for you in the hotel industry.
Hey Jackie. Just a reminder that you have your interview tomorrow morning at 10. Make sure to dress for success, and don't forget a copy of your resume!
Thank you. Should I also bring a copy of my cover letter?
Yes - good thinking! Good luck tomorrow, and let me know how it goes after.

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