Writing an engaging introduction text is the easiest way to grab your students’ attention – and keep it! Connecting personally with your students early on keeps them engaged for the duration of your texting campaign. Here’s how to write a powerful introductory text message.

Follow these four best practices to catch your students’ attention in that very first message:


The easiest way to stand out to students is to use their names and other personal information. By addressing your message personally, you’re letting them know that this message really is directed just to them and that it’s important that they take a good look.


Let your student know that there’s a real person behind that text! Introduce yourself and let them know how they can best reach out to you. You can even pull in personalized contact info for each counselor.


Give your students the most important information in a clear and concise way. Staying under 160 characters and abbreviating is a great way to quickly deliver key information.


Pull in links (bit.ly and tinyURL are great for shortening long ones), use emojis, or send GIFs! Reach students on their level and you’ll be sure to succeed.

Remember that letting students know how to cancel is important, too. Let them know they can text in “stop,” “cancel,” or “unsubscribe” to stop receiving messages.

Learn how to write an effective call to action to end your text.

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