Last week, we spoke with Millie Rodriguez in the Distance Education Program at Youngstown State University. She’s been using Signal Vine’s platform since February to text students in all stages of the student lifecycle. Read our Q&A with YSU to learn more.

How has texting impacted the student-staff relationship?

We are able to answer questions quickly and the student feedback has been positive!

How do you collect participants’ phone numbers/information/consent?

We only use information that the student provides to us by phone or email.

How do you plan the timing and content of your text messages?

We plan and sync our messages with our university calendar and schedule.

Who on your staff responds to text messages, and how often do they check their inbox?

We check our inbox daily Monday through Friday and either myself or our Student Support Specialist respond to the text messages.

What are some memorable interactions your team has had with students through texting?

Students getting the answers they need which helps them apply and register.

What advice would you give to other organizations thinking about implementing text messaging?

That it’s a good way to reach their populations! The response rate is better and texting works better than email.

Thanks, Millie!

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Youngstown State University’s Center for Student Progress also uses texting. Learn more about their Signal Vine program:

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